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You make a great photographer, because you are respectful, nice, and you make me giggle sometimes. I love that you don’t wastet time on shoots and get right down to business. You have good focus, and I have definitely connected with your camera and it shows in our work. I like that you are multi-talented and know how to edit a photograph with digital art like my fairy wings, that was awesome! I am glad we get to work together, you make ordinary people look glamorous and interesting, and that is art itself. I also appreciate your team effort and your professionalism. You know how to market yourself in a positive way, nothing outrageous or compelling, that is very important to be successful in this industry and that makes you stand out from the rest of so called photographers here on model mayhem, at least in my view. And, you have heart and passion so when you take a picture, you subconsciously know what will or will not work, you also express that in your emotion and I have noticed, analyzed, and learned a lot from you with few words in exchange. I am glad that we have subconscious teamwork and connection when we have shoots. I have to say, you are definitely one of my most favorite photographers. You have class, quality, and punctuality and that is key in the business world and all world that is. Go you!

– Vlada

“Trevor is a wonderful talented photographer and was a pleasure to work with.  I loved his artistic nature and his eye for the small details that may not seem to matter, but make a big difference between a good photograph and a GREAT photograph.  Trevor was very professional, patient and gave direction well.  He was also open to suggestions so both the photographer and the model got exactly what they wanted out of the pictures.  From start to finish I was very comfortable working with Trevor.  We were able to laugh and talk like we had known each other forever during the whole shoot, which made him even more of a pleasure to work with.  When I got my photo’s back I was very pleased.  He knew exactly the best angles and locations to make the picture just “pop” and I have received so many compliments on my portfolio since adding his images to it.  Trevor is definately a photographer I would recommend working with and is sure to be the next big thing!”

– Ms Ju

“We asked Trevor to be the wedding photographer at our daughter Erika’s wedding last summer. He was a true professional and the photos were breathtakingly beautiful–they are precious memories for us (and for the happy couple) that we will treasure forever. I highly recommend Trevor as a photographer and as a man of integrity.”

Tracy McDonald

Trevor is one of the most talented and driven individuals that I have ever had the privilege to work with. Trevor started as a part-time advertising designer in our company while he was finishing his degree and he rose rapidly through the ranks at Media All Stars. When I sold my shares of the company in 2007, Trevor took over a great deal of my responsibilities and truly was the design and operations backbone of this multi-million dollar organization. I would highly recommend Trevor to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him or for him.”

Joel Davies

You get great energy/”spirit” from even their posed shots, which is often hard to do!

-Stephanie – colleague

Your photos are great. Seriously. I knew you were good with a camera, but I really hadn’t seen your work in a way that I could compare it with what I know… and Lord knows I know wedding photography. I’ve been in more weddings and flipped through more friend’s weddings then I know what to do with.

-Elizabeth – bridesmaid

I was so nervous on my wedding day! Thank God that Trevor and Raul we’re so comfortbale to work with and it really showed in our photos. They went above and beyond with us before our wedding that when the day finally came it almost seemed as if they were in our wedding party rather then our photographers. Thanks so much guys!

-Evelyn – bride

~Thank you so much for all your great work, and for being so kind and patient with us. The service you have all provided has been wonderful & very professional. We have and will be recommending you to everyone we know. Thank you for all of your services and for making our wedding day memories last forever, the pictures are beautiful!

Jesse and Rochelle

Our experience with First Kiss Productions was nothing but exceptional. Trevor and his associate were professional, easy to be around, and really made our wedding day very special. It was nice having a team of photographers capture all those intimate moments on camera . . the ones where you are not looking. They captured our wedding day beautifully. Looking at our wedding album allows us to relive that very special day.

Jeff and Colleen Rodriguez

Ok, just so you know…When I get married (whenever that may be) you are my photographer!!! OK??


Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy looking at your online photo blog 🙂 I love stuff like that… keep it up!



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