i shoot people


OK, so I listen to Taylor Swift. I will also most likely be attending one of her concerts this year, whether in SD or KC. But defending that is not the point of this blog, mainly because i don’t think I really could if I wanted to. I started listening to country music probably 10 years ago. Before country was Soul Asylum, my all time favorite band. I have some great memories of going to Soul Asylum shows, the venues have changed: Long Beach Chili Cookoff, The Troubadour in Hollywood, the Hard Rock on Christmas Eve with my pops, all great memories! Thank God they still go on tour and I’m able to catch them every 2-3 years. I play Soul Asylum at work here and there, it’s fun to see people have recollections of this great band, a few even “like” them now on facebook. So this blog is for my memories, back with an old point and shoot camera just having fun remembering the good ole days . . .



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