i shoot people


“Matty and I’s first kiss, wow, that was awhile ago!  We had Psychology class together, and Matt had been checking me out since school started that year!  It just so happened that he needed a ride home one day, and I conveniently had the means.  We got to his apartment and it took everything I had not to kiss him immediately, so we watched TV for about five minutes.  Matty’s line got me, “Wanna come see my rock collection?”.  I sure did!  When we kissed it was so amazing.  It was something we wanted to do for a long time.  I fell for him.  And, of course, he fell for me!” – Danielle

Most couples take their engagement photos before their wedding.  However, Matt and Danielle we’re so busy planning their Indiana wedding from San Diego they were just unable to find the time to fit it in.  Anyways, we decided to do a post wedding engagement shoot last weekend down at Otay Lakes.


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