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Mission-Focused is having a series of classes for anyone who is interested in the business aspect of photography. We are a team of young growing professionals who meet every other Monday and discuss the various aspects and challenges of setting up a photography business. We will be meeting this Monday (March 21) at 5PM in Kearney Mesa at 8525 Gibbs Dr. Ste 206 San Diego, CA 92123

This upcoming Monday’s discussion topic is branding. We will be discussing the following:

A. Logos
B. Website (hosting, domain names, templates, etc.)
C. Blogs
D. Packaging
E. Emails / Correspondence
F. Business Cards
G. Graphic Design
H. Promo Videos

If you’re interested in attending please email Trevor at: firstkissproductions@gmail.com for further details.

Here are some insights to the branding of my business First Kiss.

Business Name: First Kiss – this name derived from my original business I started in college as a graphic / web design company which was first kiss productions. When I started my photography business and moved into shooting weddings I strongly considered changing my business name to I Do Photography. After a lot of consideration I decided to go with First Kiss simply because my goal is to capture memories for my clients that will last a lifetime, everyone remembers their first kiss!

Logo: having a graphic design background meant I was continually changing my logo which got really confusing. That’s when I came to the realization that I will never be satisfied with a logo that I created. At that point I had another designer create my logo, I gave a few ideas as to what I was looking for and a week later I had my logo. I haven’t thought of changing it since.
Logo designed by Raul of Faith by Design (faithbydesign.com)

Colors: As I was going through my logo identity crisis I was doing the same with colors. I was using everything from black and pink to black and tan. In thinking about color I wanted to choose something that represented quality. 2 company’s consistently stood out to me in terms of color and design that represented quality, Tiffany and Apple. I love the idea of how a teal box with a white ribbon creates so much joy for the ladies, and I love how apple at the time was using a lot of black and white to create some very clean packaging. So I decided to go with the teal and black for my color schemes (although my 2011 brides will be receiving their images with that famous white bow look)

Business Cards: Again my focus is on quality. You can determine a lot about a business by their business cards. I wanted a card that was durable and professionally printed. I have been using moo.com and love their cards. It allows me to use different images on my cards so I always have a card to hand out that pertains to what each client is looking for. The back of my cards are simple, dominated by black with just 1 line in teal, features my slogan, name, number, and website. NO CLUTTER!

Website / Blog: I recently revamped my website and love how my images dominate the site. I use photobiz.com which has some amazing templates that are easily customizable. Changes take seconds to make, I’m a big fan. The text content on my site has also been a work in progress. The connection between a photographer and the couple is very important. I wanted to really have my potential clients get a good idea of who I am so my focus was to show my personality as well as some of my likes and dislikes. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback on my profile, I’m glad I was able to accomplish what I was looking to do. I hate boring profiles (especially ones written in the third person)!

My blog is my next project to revamp. It’s currently set up through wordpress.com but it isn’t as customizable as I would like it to be, I’m not sold on the template I’m using, I like that I can show some large images, I don’t like the white text on a black ground, it makes reading long posts like this one harder to read. So this will be my next project! As for my web names I wanted to come up with some that hopefully are easy to remember. My last name is impossible for most to spell so I don’t use my name as my domain name (or business name). I went with shootingbrides.com for my website and iwanttoshootyourface.com for my blog. That always seems to make people smile, or get a really worried face until they put it together.

So that’s a little insight into my branding. I can’t wait until I open my studio and get to really go all out with my brand, I think I’ll need some interior design help from Lisa Ronco!

Join us this Monday if interested, all are welcome!

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