i shoot people



Shooting people is a fear for some photographers.  I’m not quite sure why I became interested in shooting faces, I think it may because my wife always thought photos without people were pointless.  She never understood why I’d want to take the camera to the zoo to shoot animals, I really don’t think I could have taken a photo without someone in it that she’d enjoy.  Then I started shooting people.  Some happened to be aspiring models.  All of a sudden she didn’t like me shooting people.  Anyways, that’s off the point of this post, basically what I’m trying to figure out how a slightly shy person which I am became interested in shooting people.  I always told my wife that I feel like a superhero when I have my camera, she is used to Bruce Wayne, but when I go out shooting I’m batman.  OK, so that’s kinda of cheesy, point being though that with a camera I’m a different person.  My anxiety simply disappears.  So my encouragement has always been to other photographers to overcome their fears and don’t let that inhibit them from shooting what they want to shoot.  I’m not against waking up at 5AM and going for a 2 mile hike to shoot a landscape, I just think that landscape would look better with a person or couple in it.  If shooting flowers is your thing then great, just don’t force shooting flowers to be your thing because you were to afraid to do anything else.


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