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I love meeting with potential clients to see if were the right fit when it comes to their wedding.  It’s fun to hear their love story and see their personalities and already start to gameplan the look and feel of their photos, even if their wedding is a year away.  Developing a connection is necessary, you want them to be completely comfortable and without reserve around you to truly capture them and their story.  If they’re uncomfortable it will show, therefore the photographer must be almost like a member of the bridal party.  During these meetings the bride usually will have the famous list of questions she yanked off theknot.com or another wedding resource site.  I have yet to see how that list helped the couples make their decision because the bottom line is those lists only help disualify a photographer, not qualify.  My list for brides is simple:

1. Do you like the photographs of the photographer?

2. Do you get along with the photographer?

3. Does the Photographers packages fit your budget?

That’s about it for my list, but here are the answers for the brides list of questions for Photographers:

1. Will I be the one taking photos at your wedding?
Yes! Unless I die.

2. How long have you been a wedding photographer?
Going on 7 years now, shoot on average 4-8 a year.

3. What styles do you specialize in?
Photojournalistic, candids, story-telling. I can capture the mood you want for your wedding, anywhere from fun to fashion, natural to edgy.

4. What type of camera will you use?
An IPhone if that gives me the best shot 🙂 I use a Nikon D300 as my main and a D90 as a backup. I shoot with a film camera as well. I’ll be upgrading to a D800 when it is released. I also rent the highest quality lenses to make sure we’re shooting with the best.

5. Do you use an assistant?
All my packages but 1 feature a 2nd shooter who assists me throughout the day.  What’s great about my 2nd shooters is that they are professional photograhers who run their own photography businesses and have experience being a lead shooter.  My second shooters rock!

6. Do you have backup equipment?
Yes ma’am! And my second shooters are fully capable of taking over in case I get attacked by killer bees.

7. What types of photographs will be taken? (B/W, color, sepia etc.)
In our consultation we discuss what is important to you and shoot accordingly, anything from all black and white to all color.

8. Will you accept a shot list?
Sure, and we will do everything possible to get everyshot you’re looking for, we simply can’t give you a 100% guarantee in case circumstances arise that prevent us from being able to do so.

9. What attire will you and your second shooter wear?
We will be dressed in all black to help us blend in ninja style.

10. Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?
No, but we will give everyone a few minutes before we start to take some photos of their own. We’ll even help grandma out if she forgets how to work her camera. However once we start shooting we will kindly ask that we be the only ones shooting at that point.

11. How long after the event will the photos be ready?
We send out shots to get professionally edited by the team at Colorati, great thing about them is they have a quick turnaround time. You will usually receive some proofs to post on facebook about 2 weeks after your wedding with the complete high resolution photos arriving to you wrapped all up about 1 month after the event.

12. Can you provide me with a few references of couples that have used you as a photographer?
Of course, you can also check out my testimonial page here and my linkedin page with business references here. Or go onto my facebook here, a lot of my clients have become good friends and like to stop by my page and say hi.

Hope that helped out some, my parting shot is that if you love my images and you don’t have the urge to scissor kick me in the head after we meet then we will be a good fit and create some amazing shots.


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