i shoot people


Life had just gotten too crazy for me 3 months ago. I had taken on a new position at my job and noticed I had less and less time for the camera. Until I got a call from Brother Joe. He had picked up a film camera at a thrift store since he wanted to purchase the lens. He didn’t want to be caught dead with a Nikon camera so he unloaded it on me for $15. This turned out to be one of my best purchases ever. The camera sat around for about 3 weeks until I finally got around to buying some film. After that the camera rarely goes a day without being used. There is something about film that I love, unlike digital you don’t get the instant gratification of seeing what you just shot, it now takes me nearly a week to see it. The look of film is something that people have been trying to replicate for a while now, they can get close (with a lot of time) but still can’t fully recreate the film look. That $15 camera has now become my favorite camera, I think it’s funny how a $2000 camera now sits at home while my film camera travels with me. I have dramatically reduced the number of shots I take, I spend more time setting up my shots before firing away. Shooting film turns you into a sniper, every shot has been well thought out. I still have a lot to learn, and I still will always shoot digital as well. I’m simply excited to experience the best of both worlds and offer both to my clients.

Primarily now using the film camera for black and whites, love the textures and the change of mindset. It’s fun to be color blind!

The following shots are from my very first roll:

Hayden loves these toys, I think Georgia got him this.


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