i shoot people


I love moo.com

I use them for my business cards simply because I haven’t seen a higher quality card. They also allow you to put different photos on each card which is awesome because every card is different. I can have a photo on Hayden to promote my Oh the Places You Will Go Portraits on one card and a bride on another to promote the wedding business. These cards are so great you actually sometimes have trouble giving them away.

Anyways, don’t take my word for it, try them out yourselves. They have this cool promotion now where you can get 50 cards and all you pay is the shipping, which is like $6. They do put their logo and a promotion on the side but it’s definetly worth testing them out so you can see how great the quality is. Since I work in the green energy business it’s cool to have green friendly cards as well. They have green paper stock which is 100% recycled and recyclable. They are also manufactured using wind power and are free from harmful chemicals. Moo is just like the shamwow! Your cards will make you say wow everytime!

Seriously, check them out. I don’t get anything at all from this promotion at moo.com, I’m honestly just that big of a fan. And I had nothing else on my mind to blog about and made it a goal to post at least 4 blogs a week.


Here is a pic with 4 of my cards featured.


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