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I was blessed to get to travel out to Indiana back in August to shoot Danielle and Matt’s wedding. They’re now back from their honeymoon in Antigua and have just moved into their apartment together over in Hillcrest. They sent me this testimonial a few nights ago:

Hi Trevor, it’s really hard to verbalize how much you shooting our wedding meant to us both.  Here is a testimonial you can use from us:

Everything we’ve experienced with Trevor was amazing!  It all started with him getting to know us as a couple and our expectations.  He went over every detail and every possible moment we would want to capture, including several things Matt and I didn’t even think of!  There are so many stresses in planning a wedding, but Trevor made us feel so confident because he is so creative and involved.  Our family and friends tell us every day how much fun they had gettting their pictures taken and getting to know Trevor!  They are all friends on Facebook now!  The photographs were remarkable!  He captured our story and we can’t wait to show our children someday.  Trevor was truly a member of our wedding party and family!  We couldn’t have wished for anything more!

-Matt and Danielle Moore

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