i shoot people


My parents came in from Coeur d’Alene, ID this week for my older brother’s wife’s baby shower. So my brother decided to save my dad and me from attending by taking us lobster fishing. I had never been lobster fishing before so I figured this would be another thing to check off my list of things to do before I die, although I don’t think it was on the list. Anyways, I learned a thing or two about lobster fishing, mainly only Maine lobsters have claws, you have to go at night, and a lobster trap can lead to the captain needing to jump over board to cut it off the propeller, which did happen and thankfully I’m the First Mate, not the Captain. Although I was prepared to jump in myself. Not really. Never even crossed my mind to be honest. I really hate cold water. Seriously, it takes my 15-20 minutes to finally get into a pool, even when its 100 degrees outside. Well that’s besides the point. Back to lobster fishing. The sky was beautiful, the ocean was calm. We saw seals and dolphins, and sadly enough, small lobsters. Couldn’t keep any. I’m probably the reason as I believe fish are friends, not food! I guess that applies to crustaceans as well.

Heading out to sea

We had an amazing sky and light

El Capitan


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