i shoot people


What a game. What a trip. What a birthday. I can’t put into words the memories that I will have out of this trip. Instead I’ll give a photo rundown with some cool videos towards the end.

Kansas City is known for Jazz, Art, Fountains, BBQ, and the Chiefs. That about sums the whole city up.

The first night I had to take my dad to Gates. Gates BBQ is amazing! I had the burnt ends sandwich, beef on bun, a side of fries and at least 8 cups of BBQ sauce. Love their slogan: HI! MAY I HELP YOU!

After Gates we drove to check out Arrowhead. Here’s a shot of their practice fields.

I was reading about a place known as the best BBQ in KC, and it wasn’t Gates! I couldn’t believe it until I tried it and I do believe that the statement was true. Oklahoma Joe’s is located in a Gas Station. We waited 45 mins in line easily and it was sure worth it. I had the ribs and beef brisket with baked beans. The Night of the Living BBQ Sauce was amazing, along with their house sauce. It was tough choosing between the 2.

GAME DAY – Chiefs fans know how to tailgate!

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt – I told him to sign Vincent Jackson

The Royals and Chiefs both played today

Billy Ray Cyrus performed the National Anthem. The crowd would have preferred his daughter.

At this point it started pouring so no more pics. We were drenched, my clothes are still not dry but the Chiefs laid the smackdown on the chargers which was worth the rain. I found out the next morning that there was a tornado warning going on in the 4th quarter, now that would have been crazy!

I guess Train played at half time in front of 15 people, everyone else was drying off.

Video of Phillip Cry Me A Rivers

Last Play of the Game – Stadium Errupts


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