i shoot people

I am Iron Man

I love the power a camera has.  It immediately gives you credibility, access that one would normally be denied.  I also love the confidence that it gives me when I’m behind the lens.  A photographer’s personality changes when they are behind the lens.  In my case it gives me the feeling of confidence knowing that I have complete control of the outcome.  I can shoot with Taylor Swift in the background, where as if I were driving the window would have to be rolled up with Ms. Swift playing.  When I’m not behind the lens I am a relatively shy person, I like my routines and don’t take a whole lot of risks. I am the complete opposite with a camera in my hands, I’m more outgoing, I take risks, and I have no fear of failure. As stated in my profile I am Iron Man.

There is a level of trust between the subject and photographer.  With weddings the trust is amazing, you almost become part of the wedding party because you are the one person that is there with them throughout the entire day. I love the look of panic on the bride and groom’s face when they are cutting the cake.  “How are we supposed to do this again??” is written across their face.  As the photographer you have the answer.  Again, you were there for them when the panic set it.  You’re able to put the bride at ease when the wedding party has already walked down the aisle, you order the groom a drink when the nervousness is setting in.

When shooting with models a different bond takes place.  It’s a subconscious teamwork / connection that when done correctly can instantly be seen in the final product.  It encourages risks to be taken without either side being judgmental, and in those moments you will be at your best.


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