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Rensselaer Indiana Wedding :: Danielle + Matt’s Love Story

Danielle and Matt’s wedding was PERFECT! Every single member of their families were so AMAZINGLY kind and it’s easy to see why Danielle and Matt are such “good people.” I had the privilege of spending time with Matt and Danielle a couple of days before their wedding and got to meet all these great people. I’ve known Matt and Danielle now for over 3 years and truly cherish their friendship and am incredibly thankful for having the chance to capture their magical day.

To start off, the gals got ready at the church.

I never really know what to do with the shoes picture, however my fellow Mission-Focused photographer Malia Dadez (http://www.maliadadez.com) had this idea on one of her shoots, I was thankful for the idea.

I had a few moments with Danielle while the gals were still finishing up, we took some quick photographs and had some laughs

The guys arrived a little after

Matt’s sisters were so much fun, they both have young kids so I was able to relate and share some photographs of Hayden with them.

It soon became time for the wedding, just a little hot in there 🙂

I got to spend some time with Matt and Danielle while the family was cleaning up the church.

First Dance

Matt and Danielle, thanks again for letting me capture your story. Hope you guys can avoid the hurricane and have an amazing time in Antigua, I’ll see you guys when you get back, we’ll have to make a trip to the KC BBQ!


One response

  1. margaret

    great pictures…they are such a perfect couple…my favorites – the b/w car very nostalgic – also the one with danielle and 2 girls with the flowers – liked the way the color surrounded them – the guys in b/w just standing around – & of course the “dip” …

    September 3, 2010 at 8:17 pm

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