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Less Photoshop, More Shooting!

I’ve been asked a lot lately on my editing process / work flow and wanted to give some insight on my philosophy.

1. In Camera – I have bought into Joe Ramirez’s philosophy of getting it right in the camera. I have a design background so when I started I always had the philosophy of just capture the moment then fix it in Photoshop. That has since changed over the past 5 years that I have really gotten serious about photography. What I learned that if a photo sucks then Photoshop doesn’t have an unsuck button to fix it. The best thing about this new philosophy is I have a lot more time to shoot and a lot less time staring at a computer screen.

2. Post Processing – OK, so I still love Photoshop and Aperture (I’m a Mac!), I just believe that editing in these programs should be fast, consistent and efficient. When your faced with hundreds of photos from a wedding you really don’t have time to spend an hour on each shot. So before I begin I define the style I want to portray and use that throughout the project. My belief is that if you want to tell a story through your photography then the style MUST be consistent, otherwise it will distract the viewer if each image is processed differently. Create your signature style and stick with it, essentially you are branding yourself through your style.

3. Some random thoughts before I’m finished with this post . . .

I don’t shoot in RAW, got sick of the storage issues

Shoot Black and White in camera, however I am intrigued by Andrew S. Gibson’s e-book series on converting photographs to black and white. http://craftandvision.com/ I feel it can add more dimensions to a photograph and want to experiment with these techniques more.

I hate the nickname for photographers: togs. SO STUPID!

Looking forward to a good ole country wedding out in Indiana, I fly out this Thursday!


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  1. Kristian

    This Pic really brings out their playfullness I love IT!! Great Job Trev!!!

    August 31, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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