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Barone Wedding

Alicia, Hayden and I took a trip up to Long Beach for her cousin’s wedding.  It’s been a while since I’ve attended a wedding as a guest, which means it was a great time to experiment with the camera instead of making sure every moment is captured.  I shot a  lot of in camera black and whites and didn’t use a flash the entire day.  I wanted to focus on harsh contrasts and movement with the reception photos.   Since this was a family wedding there will be a lot of photos in this post so enjoy . . . (I also leave captions on the bottom of images, not the top like a lot of people, deal with it)

Mimi, Alicia, and Hayden

My Little Hayden

Michael and Hayden

Hayden throwing sticks

Hayden and Papa

Pre-Ceremony Prayer

The Gals




Sara and Michael


Joanna and Tim

Anya and Kristen

Alicia and her dad Mike

Kristen, Alicia and Joanna

My bride and me

Joanna and Tim

Hayden and Mimi

Kristen and Joey

Joey and Kristen

The Borgognas

First Dance

Mother Son Dance

Sara and Hayden

Alicia and Me

Cake Cutting

Michael and Sara

The Cut

The Madness of an Italian Wedding

One response

  1. margaret

    loved haydens coolness in the sunglasses and hands in the pocket!!!
    picture #2 “My Little Hayden”

    August 2, 2010 at 10:37 am

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