i shoot people


It’s been a while that I’ve written on my own personal blog.  I have been actively involved with Mission-Focused and have spent a lot of my blogging on that site so I neglected my own.  I have recently committed to going full out on my blog again as I miss being able to share with everyone how I view the world through my lens.  So what exactly have I been up to these days and what can you look forward to seeing on this site?  Well here’s a preview of what’s in store.

e-book:  It was my goal for 2010 to write my first book on photography. This will be made available in the fall for the extremely low price of $5. The first book will take a selection from my work and explain the process behind the images giving insight into my thinking process when creating the photographs.

events:  I have the privilege of shooting Comic-Con again this year. My Comic-Con postings in the past have by far been the most popular so I look forward to sharing images again this year.

military portraits:  Every Monday I shoot with Mission-Focused and provide free Military Family Portraits.  This has been a wonderful way to give back to those who serve and sacrifice.

Hayden:  Watch Hayden grow up (slowly I pray).

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