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Kiss and Tell

So this will be mo ongoing chance to kiss and tell, basically my chance to share with the world things that catch my (or Hayden’s and Alicia’s) attention and we can’t stay quiet about 😉

1. MOO Cards – I use moo cards for all my business cards, you can’t match the quality and being able to put a different image on every card is a photographer’s dream. I’m placing another order tonight! moo.com

2. Rock Photographers Class – Every Wednesday night I help teach a photography class at the Rock Church. We have a great group and I get so inspired by seeing the work that these photographers are able to create on a weekly basis. Classes are free, come check us out!

3. Alice in Wonderland – OK, so the movie isn’t out yet, but I can’t wait for date night with Alicia!

4. Hayden’s Choice: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Thank God for Disney, seriously! This has stopped numerous Hayden meltdowns, and unfortently the hotdog song gets stuck in your head. Meeeska Moooska.

Anyways that’s it for this week!


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