i shoot people

Superbowl XLIV

Colts vs. Saints

This is a tough choice for me.

1. Peyton Manning – we were originally thinking of Peyton for Hayden’s name, but Alicia thought it was a girls name. i used to hate Peyton Manning, he knocked my Chiefs out of the playoffs too many times. But then his commercials came out, and he was funny, really funny. I found myself liking Peyton Manning, I bought a Sony TV, and Hayden even has an autographed mini helmet from his first Superbowl win. He did throw the helmet down the stairs today, maybe that’s a sign.

2. Drew Brees – a former Charger, yeah I should hate him. But he got out. Actually the first event i ever snuck into was the Del Mar fair opening day races and met guess who, Drew Brees. So I kinda like him as well.

So I came to the conclusion that I don’t care who wins, nevermind, Brees was a former Charger, not gonna let that go, GO COLTS!


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