i shoot people

La Jolla Pier

What a day Valentines turned out to be this year. My wife is a florist so instead of Valentines day it is hell day in our vocabulary. But it works out OK because I don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money to show my wife I love her. She just knows. I had been planning on taking a photo after work since she was going to be working late, however we were having a freak storm that brought snow into some areas of San Diego so I thought I wasn’t going to get the chance. Right when I left work the rain stopped and we had 2 rainbows in the sky so I felt like God was telling me to go for it. I was stuck in traffic the whole way into La Jolla however and showed up at my destination right as the sun was setting into the ocean. I raced down the beach only to notice half way that I forgot my memory card and had to go all the way back to the car to get it. Anyways, the sunset, which was beautiful, was missed and the thunder started up. I did end up with some nice shots but I still feel as though I missed an opportunity . . .


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