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Wild Animal Park

Wow, 12 days into the new year and this was my first chance to go out and shoot again. It felt like forever. Alicia and I went to the wild animal park today, i had a 3 hour time limit and she tried saying I couldn’t bring the camera. I had 2 victories there, we stayed for 45 minutes longer then my time limit and of course I brought the camera. Alicia was kind to teach me a couple of new things today: 1. The elephant show is stupid, all they can really do is step on a ball or walk over a log and that isn’t good enough to spend our time on. 2. Lions and Tigers are apparently the same thing, so if you have already seen one then there is absolutely no point in going to see the other. One day I’ll learn. So out of my 316 photos taken for the day here were my favorite 20. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment at the bottom sharing your favorite with me, it would be greatly appreciated . . .

First stop was lion camp, my favorite exhibit at the Wild Animal Park simply because I remember these lions when they were babies. They are now a year and a half old and there manes are coming along. I guess its like the lion king when simba grows up in the short time span of walking across a log. hmmmmm

Reminded me of that far side comic with the deer that had the target birthmark on him. I guess this would be worse.

We took the new tram tour that replaced the old one, if you’ve been before you may wonder what the difference is, there are 2 major ones. First it doesn’t travel as far, and secondly they charge for it now. So basically you pay for a shorter ride, great deal, but actually I am a member so it was free for us. Anyways, when we got near the zebras the tour guide was explaining about how lions have very poor col,or vision so they mostly see in black and white. Zebras in the wild hang out real close together so predators can’t pick out an individual very easily so I thought I would make this shot from a lion’s point of view.

Alicia is having a blast ! ! !

Alicia’s mom loves giraffes so we always go see them. I have never seen a ticked off giraffe but I think it would make a great tattoo.

I wasn’t allowed to stay for the elephant show for the reasons stated in the opening

My mom has always like flamingos, but they stink so Alicia usually doesn’t allow me too much time with them, today was different however, i got about 5 minutes!

I had a great time up in Idaho watching Bald Eagles in the wild. I didn’t know the Wild Animal Park had one on display. When I go to these places alone to take photos I will spend hours waiting for the best photo opportunities, however today with Alicia I got lucky, especially with this eagle being on the ground write near the fence, it was great. Then my phone rand and scared the eagle away just as more people were coming along.

Anyways we survived, thank God the tiger exhibit was closed, it could have been a close call . . .


3 responses

  1. Tasmaniac

    Wow what amazing photos, thanks for sharing them
    Greetingt from Tasmania
    Tony M 🙂

    January 17, 2008 at 2:19 am

  2. vsuvarna

    Beautiful photographs! I’m glad I chose to use the “take me to a random blog” option 🙂


    January 17, 2008 at 6:15 pm

  3. Hello. Very interesting Blog. Not really what i have searched over Google, but thanks for the information.

    January 24, 2010 at 4:37 am

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