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Thanksgiving in Coeur d’Alene

My bride and I went in separate directions this year for thanksgiving, she stayed here with here family in sunny San Diego and I headed north to Coeur d’Alene Idaho to spend Thanksgiving with my Mom, Dad, and Brother. It was the longest we’ve been a part since my high school graduation. So you know what that means . . . FREEDOM! Freedom to stop and take pictures of whatever I want for however long I want. I did miss her though, she’s my favorite model! So back to Coeur d’Alene, I had yet to visit this town in winter time so I got to experience some new things this time around. Take 20 degree weather for instance. I got to see their Christmas parade which they do every year the day after Thanksgiving. I think I will be in it next year as they don’t seem to have any qualifications for being in the actual parade. That is followed by an awesome tree lighting ceremony on the lake that includes a ten minute fireworks display. Also this time of year all the bald eagles from Alaska migrate on down to this area so I got to spend some time watching them. It is a felony to take a bald eagle feather so I’ll let you speculate whether or not I would jump over someones fence to get one from the ground. I also got to see snow fall from the sky for the first time. Anyways I got back yesterday afternoon and spent the evening decorating our condo with my lovely bride. Anyways here are the pics, enjoy . . .

my brothers new house

mom and dad at the parade

my brother and his wife Katie and baby on the way

toy shop

tree lighting ceremony

me and Lexi

my parents newly built house

coeur d’alene lake


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