i shoot people

San Francisco

So Alicia and I just got back from a relaxing 4 day vacation along the coast of California. We started by flying into Oakland and immediately driving out of Oakland to San Francisco. It was my first time in San Francisco and I only had 4 hours to take it all in so here are the photos:

didn’t have time to ride one of these but I figured a picture is a must

the local hangout at fishermans wharf

a must for Alicia, however she still thinks Disneyland’s is better

the original boudin’s

my brother Luke wants a boat, it will be named “the nasty” this boat would fit that name

my first time on the Golden Gate – photography by Alicia

stinsen beach – very secluded, a river actually flows into the ocean here

Alicia took a nap in the car so I snuck off to get some more photos of the golden gate bridge

That is it for the first 4 hours of the trip, we’re headed for Half Moon Bay!

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