i shoot people

Half Moon Bay

After leaving San Francisco we headed south on the 1 for 30 miles to Half Moon Bay. The drive was incredible with some amazing views of cliffs and secluded beaches. We stayed 2 nights here in Half Moon Bay. The first night we spent at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. This hotel was amazing, you can see it in the American Pie movie American Wedding. The service was incredible and Alicia is still talking about the bed which was the best night sleep we’ve ever had. We woke up the next morning and went on a 2 hour horseback ride which was a first for me. Lets just say it is a once in a lifetime thing to do and I am glad to have that “once” finished. It was still amazing however and was the one thing my bride has always wanted to do with me. From there we went on a hike through mountain lion country in the redwoods, Alicia was not thrilled and her almost stepping on a snake didn’t help out at all. We stayed the next night at the Beach Inn Resort in the middle of a storm. Anyways enjoy the pics . . .

Our room at the Ritz

View from the balcony

view of the hotel from the golf course

up on a cliff


Pumpkins everywhere, I believe they said that Half Moon Bay is the largest distributor of pumpkins in the US. They also have the record for the largest pumpkin weighing in at 1526 pounds.

balcony view at night

banana slug

Alicia drawing an arrow so the rescuers could find us


our room at the Beach House

Well that was Half Moon Bay, from here we are off to Monterey which is a 2 hour drive south, we’ll make a stop for breakfast in Santa Cruz and then head on down to our final destination.


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