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My Workflow

Hey. I’m asking a bunch of my designer friends this question. What inspires you, and where do you start? I mean – when you are given an idea that has to be taken from concept to creation; what methods do you use to come up with the idea? Do you look at other designers work? Do you walk around outside until an idea comes to you ect… And then once you have the idea what steps do you take to get the project in its final stages. This doesn’t even have to do with work, anything you create.
Thanks 🙂 – Aidrienne

What Inspires me? – What inspires me is knowing that I have the ability to take what is in the clients mind and essentially create their vision. Nothing beats getting it right for a client, creating something that they are proud of and can’t wait to get it out. Seeing a logo you designed on a shirt or newsletter is great, but it ultimately comes down to the clients satisfaction and getting them excited that is my inspiration.

Where do I start? – I start with meeting with the client, there is no use in doing some work before a meeting because you could totally be going down the wrong path and waste your time. Find out from them what they have in mind, take tons of notes so when you send them your first draft you can reference those notes and tell them why you chose to do what you did, as well as address anything you chose to leave out and why. I don’t like to look at other designers work because it narrows my focus. I enjoy seeing what other designers are doing but not when working on a project because it limits my mind. I will look at photographers and painters work to help get me in the mood. As I’m looking through that kind of stuff usually an idea will pop into my mind and I’ll know exactly what to do, its hard to describe but I draw it out real quick because if I don’t I’ll lose it quickly. From that point on, once I find my idea or “ness” I’m all set.

My workflow:

1. Meet with client

2. Research, find my “ness”

3. Draw it out on paper

4. Initial rough draft on computer – send a proof to client and address my notes from our meeting

5. 1st proof – now is their chance to edit

6. 2nd proof – edits are made, give them one more shot to revise, any more then that and it will never get finished

7. Final version – once again address their notes so they truly feel you took to heart what they wanted and delivered

8. PACKAGING – Make the final version look good, you would be the biggest idiot to turn in a final product on a staples brand cd. Make it look good, find good packaging like www.nashvillewraps.com

9. Do something small but extra to top it off, a simple hand made and hand written thank you note will go along way to get you referrals, add them to your online blog or newsletter so they can constantly be reminded of you and see your work. You want to be the one and only person they have to refer business to. Add them to your christmas card list, etc.

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