i shoot people

San Diego Zoo

So besides tickets for the year for Sea World my wife made the mistake of getting me year round zoo passes. My brother Jesse refuses to go to the zoo with me since it is a marathon when I go. Anyways my wife thought we would just go for an hour and a half, but I ended up with 3 hours and I wasn’t even half way finished before she forced me to leave. She isn’t a huge fan of the zoo as well so she spoke her mind for most of the day, my favorite was her beliefs on how the government wastes way too much money on bring pandas over from China because they are boring and not worth it. Speaking of Pandas, how come everytime we have a baby Panda born here at the zoo we have to send it back to China after a certain amount of time. Also why do we have to give it a Chinese name? I’d say name the bear Jack or Buck and send the bear back as an American!  Well anyways dinner is burning so here is what I was able to capture this time . . .


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