i shoot people

Attack of the Nerds

So about a week ago I got my ticket for comic-con for saturday. Then yesterday I had to buy a second one for thursday, I will explain later. For those that don’t know, every year in July downtown san diego is invaded by nerds from accross the country for 4 days. I however join them every year, and it is actually an event I look forward to. WHY? most people ask me. Do I dress up? Hell no! Do I even like comic books? No ma’am. So there are 4 reasons why I go:

1. To make money $$$$$! You can too! You see they sell exclusive action figures and give away a ton of free movie marketing materials. Not every dork from around the country can go, but they all can go to ebay! Last year I made close to $300 and harfdly even tried, that was off 5 action figures, this year I will do much better.

2. Comic-con is really just a marketing tool for every single major movie company. I may not like comics but if you’ve seen my DVD collection youy know I love movies.

3. I am a graphic designer and a photographer and suprisingly comic-con is the place I go for inspiration on a yearly basis. There are some amazing artists there!

4. And my last reason and most important reason is the reason why I had to buy a second ticket this year when all other years I can barely survive one day. JESSICA ALBA. This is where we first met. Actually there are tons of celebrities that go to comic con, from alba, to samuel l jackson, buffy, and angelina jolie. I bought my ticket before they announced the lineup so I had to get a second. So thursday will be Jessica Alba, the LOST panel, and buying toys to sell. Saturday will be the HEROES panel with the entire cast (save the cheerleader save the world) OK I’m half a dork, I listen to Kelly Clarkson too, I know, pathetic.

So if you got nothing better to do and want to take on the dorks of downtown with me, give me a call. I can be found sneaking into the press area . . .

Here are some photos from previous years, enjoy.

the dorks fight outside

vaya con dios



jolie (is she crazier now or before, hard for me to tell)

beckinsale, love that accent


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